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Tips on creating a Site Plan

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A site plan is nothing but it helps you to create your own business website so that it meets your business and customer needs. At the beginning of creating a site if you take more time, you can avoid all the kinds of pitfalls and can ensure that you have all the contents required to get your site off to a good start.

When you’re building site, your plan should include

The purpose of your site:

What is the main point for which you’re creating your site? How is your site going to fulfil the main purpose better than many other sites that are available in the Web?

The site goals

If you do have some smart goals, these goals can help much better to take a mediocre site and you can make it great. If you the goals for your site, you can go and play around.

Your customers

For whom you’re creating the website? Try to be precise as possible as you can regarding to your targeted customers. Include the details like hobbies, age, job (titles) etc. you might envision that different people will be visiting different parts of your website and it will not be a problem at all. It’s important to know what kind of audiences you’re targeting at. Already if your website is active or live, you should include some more data to the targeted audiences that you currently maintain.

The content

It’s important to know what content you have on the site, will the content that you have will change regularly, are going to sell your products without any product page or will just focus on providing the product details through some articles. You have to decide whether your site is going to have only text, multimedia or images, do you have already created content or you have to get the content newly.

The design of your website

When planning the site, you have to think what colour will match your site. Keep in mind that design aesthetic will vary across different demographics. So if you planning your site for cutting edge designers, it definitely have entirely diverse look than the one that is designed for stay some designers who are called as home dads (this except for the designers who stay at home). The website’s designs include things such as graphic element, fonts, colours and typography. If you have more plans in your head before you create the site, then it will be easier at the phase of design.

The timeline

If you have all the plans altogether at once, you have to take decision on a particular design. While fixing the schedule, do not forget to include time for revision, feedback and testing.

Altogether write down your plan

If you have several plans altogether, you can plan in lots of ways and capture many ideas so that you will be in a better shape. Sessions of planning will quickly become a brainstorming session. Fortunately this is good, but don’t let that to make you down.

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