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Tips to take the Blogs or Websites to next level

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The thing that is required is required to use the tips to get the websites on to next level be you have to know the place where you are standing. Do start analyzing you website’s performance. If you know the level where you stand, then you will know where you have to get into.

- Have a correct plan
You will not be able to go anywhere if you do not have the vision for your website. Do think about what your website should contain. Just think what type of contain if you have the traffic will be more. What kind of pages do you think should be there in the website so that visitors will like them very much? Set up the goals to achieve all these things and start working on the goals in order to achieve all these things.

-Be generous
if you want to get more links to your website, you have to link other various people. You should not be stingy and if you have seen any page that is very much interesting and then write a blog regarding the page. If you think that, there is a product that will add value to your website, and then write interesting facts about the product. If you link more people, then you will be able to link up more links to your site.

-Try to take a new look at layout and design.
Check out the layout of your website, as a new reader will do. Do see which things are standing out, what things are missing, check out for the content that will be useful not useful. Do evaluate your design as well, so that you help the readers to read all things in the website.

-Style/Tone of writing
Take note of the writing especially with the grammar and spelling. It may be pointless for you but the best websites are not successful with grammar but they will not be filled with stilted grammar and also the website’s tone must be checked. Do make your website look more in a professional way.

-Increase or decrease coverage.
There might be some reasons for not moving forward. The reason might be the problem of coverage. Do look at the elements that are missing in the website. Look out for the things that are not covered properly or else you might have had too many things on any of the topics. Take away the extra content related to any topic and add something if there is not content to any topic.

-Create the products or sell some services
the best way to make fast money through websites is by selling the products or some product related services. If you do not have any products of your own, then package the content as e-book and sell it.

Do participate in the networking as you can promote your websites.

Finally, getting more number of people to your website is just a matter of word. Use the pay-per-click advertising so that you will be able to create inexpensive advertising campaign and you would be able to draw more number of people to your site.


Important List of Smart goals for Websites

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Even websites need goals
When you build a website, it will be very much tempting on how to design the site, to create the layout for the site, build the CSS and HTML and ignore it or else to let some others in order to manage the maintenance. If you go with the maintenance, you will be getting more power.

Smart goals for your website
Smart goals are the ones that are Time-bound, Realistic Specific, Achievable and Measurable.

Some of the specific goals are
Ask yourself:
Who? When? What? Where? Why? How?
A specific goal will definitely answer all of your questions

Goals that are measurable
If you are able to measure the results, you will be able to measure the goals.
Ask yourself:
How many? How much to be achieved? How will I know when will I achieved the goal?

Goals that are achievable
You have to create the goals that can be accomplished by you. A goal will be definitely achievable if you know something that you can do. Perhaps it will be done before or else if you have the right training to do it, you will do it.
You have to ask some questions to yourself, like
Is this the one that I have to commit to?
Can I believe that I can accomplish this?
How much time will this goal rewire to be achieved?

Goals that are realistic
Goals that are realistic need not be easy. One of the ways to make the goal realistic, you have to the time frame. Do not make you site’s goals to easier. If you cannot do the tasks according to your sub-conscience, you will not be able to achieve even a simple task. If you set up a hard goal, once you complete that goal, you will feel more accomplished.
Do ask yourself these questions:
Can this goal is achievable?
Is this time right to achieve this goal?
Is the goal that has to be achieved is easy or too hard?

Goals that are time bound
In order to work on a goal, you need to have time limits. If you do not have the time limit, then all the work will go on lately without much success. So if you have the time limit, you will have something to do. So do put up some deadlines so that you will always be one the competitive side and thus will enable you to accomplish any task given to you.
So do ask these questions yourself:
When and why this goal has to be completed?
Is there any other project that rely on this goal and when this has to be completed?
How much time has to be used to achieve this goal?

Do write your site’s goals
If you write down the goals, it helps you to patch up your mind and conscious. So if you have the goals written, it helps to achieve that particular goal. Do check out the goals periodically. Do check whether you need to revaluate them or not. So go on with your goals.


Help for Writing a Great Web Design Contract

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Description of the work or scope of the work
Initially, most of the people think that they will know this automatically, but as go on with the work, you will come to know that most of the clients do not have any idea. Clients think that they know what they need but in reality, they do not have most of the clues. The idea is not to plan the entire course of the work, but to acknowledge that the time that you’re working on is very much valuable and the client have to meet the expenses of the plan that you will be drawing up. Whether or not you have to make your client agree to that and you have to draw up the work contract. The contract should include the scope of the work that you’re doing. The contract should include

Number of pages that has to be built
Number of scripts or the CGIs or the programs that has to be built
Number of graphics that has to be created
Total amount of content that has to be written
The margin of error that has occurred
Make sure that the client agrees to the contract and then make the move towards the work that has to be done.

Project dates
A contract which is good includes dates. It will be pretty tempting to leave this upto the client and all of the clients will want the site to be fixed. Most of the clients will forget about the dates as they will get busy with other works. So you have to include the dates. Some of the dates that has to be included are
Due date of the signed contract
Starting date of the work
Designs or the plans completed
Approval of the designs and plans by the client
Due dates of the client
Designer milestone releases
Dates of invoices
Competition date of the site
Due dates of the clients review
Updates date
Client’s final review
Launching date

You should not only include the project’s cost but also how much have to be invoiced. You have to take some percent of the project cost as the deposit and will thus ensure that the client is pretty serious about the work and will definitely give you some amount of cash for the work to move ahead.

Mostly, clients will always want to make some of the changes in the project. So if you include number of revisions in your contract, you will not be in the trouble of sticking in to the never ending work of revising the work.

Source files and copyright
The contract that you have done should include and mainly specify the entire copyright of the content, graphics, designs, programs and the multimedia and also you have to specify of who owns the rights of source files. The source files include
Scripts and programs
Design of the website
Content written for the site

Along with the files rights, you should also specify the on how you will be credited for that wok that you have done. So you have to mainly specify
Where will be the credit displayed?
How the credit will be done
For what things you will be credited


Tips on creating a Site Plan

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A site plan is nothing but it helps you to create your own business website so that it meets your business and customer needs. At the beginning of creating a site if you take more time, you can avoid all the kinds of pitfalls and can ensure that you have all the contents required to get your site off to a good start.

When you’re building site, your plan should include

The purpose of your site:

What is the main point for which you’re creating your site? How is your site going to fulfil the main purpose better than many other sites that are available in the Web?

The site goals

If you do have some smart goals, these goals can help much better to take a mediocre site and you can make it great. If you the goals for your site, you can go and play around.

Your customers

For whom you’re creating the website? Try to be precise as possible as you can regarding to your targeted customers. Include the details like hobbies, age, job (titles) etc. you might envision that different people will be visiting different parts of your website and it will not be a problem at all. It’s important to know what kind of audiences you’re targeting at. Already if your website is active or live, you should include some more data to the targeted audiences that you currently maintain.

The content

It’s important to know what content you have on the site, will the content that you have will change regularly, are going to sell your products without any product page or will just focus on providing the product details through some articles. You have to decide whether your site is going to have only text, multimedia or images, do you have already created content or you have to get the content newly.

The design of your website

When planning the site, you have to think what colour will match your site. Keep in mind that design aesthetic will vary across different demographics. So if you planning your site for cutting edge designers, it definitely have entirely diverse look than the one that is designed for stay some designers who are called as home dads (this except for the designers who stay at home). The website’s designs include things such as graphic element, fonts, colours and typography. If you have more plans in your head before you create the site, then it will be easier at the phase of design.

The timeline

If you have all the plans altogether at once, you have to take decision on a particular design. While fixing the schedule, do not forget to include time for revision, feedback and testing.

Altogether write down your plan

If you have several plans altogether, you can plan in lots of ways and capture many ideas so that you will be in a better shape. Sessions of planning will quickly become a brainstorming session. Fortunately this is good, but don’t let that to make you down.


Steps to Follow Before you plan to construct your Website

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It would be more tempting to fly right into Web designing and learning HTML, JavaScript and CSS and all that, later part will be very fun. If you haven’t decided to consider where to put up your WebPages or when you want put up your WebPages what are all the privacy and legal issues that you might face and if you don’t consider all these issues before, you will run obviously into hardship. But without facing many problems, it is easy to get a Web hoster and to set up the domain. At once if you have all these in your hand, it’s easy to move forward.

Set up Web Hosting

When you have built your WebPages and until and unless you are going to display only on your system, you require a place to display your WebPages on the internet. The place on the internet is administered by a Web Hosting company. In the market today, there are a lot of Web Hosting options and it ranges from Web Hosting companies offering free Hosting service (usually ad-supported) to pay hosting services and in this paid services, you can own a server and maintain it according to your own needs or else you can share the space in the servers with other Websites as well.

The primary thing you have to do before constructing a Website is to find a good Web Hosting service.

Get a Domain Name

Domain Name (Definition): on the Web or internet Domain is nothing but the name by which the particular computer is identified. It is commonly allied to IP address. It can be purchased in various combinations of numbers, letters and symbols.

This isn’t absolutely significant for all the Websites and this is obtained because it makes your site to be accessed more easily. Most of the people have domain name for their site and will not expect to make money out of this. It is too inexpensive to have a domain name and if you don’t have one for your Website, it will be so silly.

Try to learn all the legal issues that are surrounding WebPages

As there are legal issues for each and every thing and even for these WebPages there are some legal issues that are to be considered when trying to put up WebPages. In these issues, Copyright is the biggest one- this means you shouldn’t copy other people content without their prior permission and also there some other issues like protecting and linking children online. So learning some of these basic legal issues will obviously help you.

If you want your customers to stray with you, protect their privacy matters.

As the days are progressing, privacy is developing as a legal issue on the internet as more countries are enacting their laws like COPPA to protect one’s privacy issues. So, for many people their privacy is very serious concern and if you don’t maintain your customer’s privacy, they will surely leave you. So be utmost careful while building the WebPages and collecting the data from other sites.

So get ready to construct your Website.

Bear in mind that planning is very much vital before constructing a Website and if you have plan in your hand, you can build a better Website and the outcome will be better.