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Top 5 Twitter SEO Tips that Everyone can Easily Implement

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SEO is basically a process which improves the volume or quantity of traffic towards a certain website from all search engines. But in terms of twitter it means something else because twitter is a very famous micro blogging website. Following are various tips that will help you while doing a SEO on Twitter:

  • The first and foremost thing is to pick an optimal handle which is relevant to your brand or the campaign you are doing. Another very important thing is to pick a customised twitter URL like This will help you in creating a static address that will help you in case of future search indexes. This will also help in cross channel promotions. It is a very important step and you should choose wisely so that one can easily send tweets using it.
  • Selecting the account name wisely is very important because it should reflect your brand name. The brand is what appears next to the profile. This can be different from the handle/URL. It is very important to know as to what variation of brand name is most frequently searched each and every month.
  • Then you should make the bio account. This should include the most important mission and various other phrases which suit your brands. You will be provided with around 160 characters and you should try and make use of them. This is a very relevant step and you should take full use of it.
  • Another very step is to select the initial characters of each tweet very carefully. The lead in of each tweet is very important for SEO purpose. You should always keep in mind that the full tweet and all its characters are still indexed by all major search engines.
  • You should also be careful that the characters you have added are retweetable.

All the above mentioned tips are very important if you are starting any sort of twitter tips.