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Web Design Troubleshooting Checklist for any Problems you Encounter

Most people ask some doubts on how to fix problems in the web designs. While the challenge is that, there is only one way to get the right designs but there are many ways to get the design wrong. Problems could be as simple as not being able to upload the files or as difficult as having CSS cascade that cause unexpected conflicts. However, finding out the problem is frustrating.

For the problems if you approach with the methodical methods, you will be able to do two things:
The working aspects should be removed
You have to focus to the areas that are not working.

Ignoring some steps especially the first steps would be tempting. However, you would be surprised to see how many problems would be caused due to the misspelling of a file name. When you are facing the problem, it is always recommended to go through all the steps on the checklist. By verifying the checklist, you can remove what would be the possible error instead of being caught up in the testing process.

Web Design Checklist
Are the files that are related uploaded?
The URL of the relevant file should be pasted in the browser and ensure that it doesn’t get 404 errors. This includes The CSS, The HTML, External JavaScripts, The Images and other external files.

Are the correct URLs used for the files?
If your webpage is not been displayed, go to your host service provider and make sure that there is correct URL. The files linked with HTML, ensure that you refer the exact URL browsed to in first step.

Does your HTML validate?
HTML validator can solve many problems. It is not so important to have valid HTML but if you have valid HTML, you can make sure that it is not causing any problem.

Does your CSS validate?
Just like HTML validation, validating CSS can eliminate the cause of the problems.

Is your page cached?
Many problems will be caused due to Web Caches. If you make any changes in your WebPages will not be displayed. It is easy to clear the caches.
Are you editing the CSS file or correct file?
It is easy to edit and upload the files with same name stored in different directories.
CSS and many other web servers are case sensitive
When you are building a site on the windows machine and uploading the pages to the Linux or UNIX server should be done carefully at filenames on the server, if the HTML references are in lowercase and if the filenames are in upper case, they do not work.
Did you use DOCTYPE or included on at all?
Most of the modern browsers have the quirks mode and this is the mode when the browser enters when the HTML documents do not have DOCTYPE.
Check whether your pages are in the multiple web browsers
It will be always tempting to build the webpage and check whether it is in the favourite browser and it will be worse if it is on the WYSIWYG editor.


Why do we want to learn HTML? There are Plenty of Reasons

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This article would give you an answer for the question as to why do we need to learn HTML. This would rather be a long answer and would even surprise you, but by the end of this article you would understand it. Initially you need to know what HTML stands for; it is nothing but ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’. It is a kind of programming language that would help you to view the web pages over the net. If there is no HTML then all the text that we would read would look as a plain text and at times even very dull. It opened a new world when it was been created. The one advantage here would be for not only viewing the content but it is even been used for creating the content.

In the beginning if you wished to design the web page, you had an option of the limited notepad and even the imagination, as there were no HTML editors. Nexus were the first to get the HTML editors. But it was an editor browser. This was written in the object C by Tim – Berners Lee. It would be primitive standards in these days as it is not required to type the HTML codes from the scratch. Nowadays number of editors are been coming and going. One of the most popular among them is the Front page, which is the Microsoft product and the other one is the Dreamweaver that is been written by the Macromedia. Both these products are very excellent. But, both have their own bad and good points. But both does everything what you would require as far as even the HTML coding.

Then why would you bother to learn HTML? The most compelling reason and one that you also require is there are no editors who are perfect and they can’t even do everything that we want. They do add in some unnecessary codes. They would even crash the system and some annoying things would start repeating every time. You would even be placed in the situation where your editor would not be in a condition to give you the result that you would require. So what to do?

If you would not know much about HTML then there would be two options. The first one is go find someone who would have good knowledge in it and at the same time you also need to see that he would not charge you for a leg and arm in order to fix the code. The other option and one of the best options would be, learning it. You would feel happy when you start learning it. The one thing is you would feel scared at the time of learning it. But after you do this, it would save tons of the heartaches while you start designing the next page along with fancy editor. For this you need to have your own mind. Once you learn this you can yourself start creating your own web pages.


Going in a different Direction and Building a Website without HTML

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If you are the one who had wanted to have a website of your own for long period of time, but have go scared just because of lack of knowledge of HTML, but you will be able to still have happy home on web. It is very simple. The first and foremost thing that you will need to know is that according to the belief, you will not need to know about HTML to own a site on web. In fact, building a site is pretty easy and it can be even done a by a child.

The first thing that you will need to know about building A Website without HTML is that of the type of the ‘host’ or ‘web host’ that you will need to look out for a site host along with a website editor. These website editors are called as editors, WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”), site builders, template builders or even as site editors. The important thing that you need to know is that you should no go with the free hosters as they will put up their advertisements on your WebPages. Some of the companies do provide with easy sitebuilder but they do not allow you to get the freedom of having your own domain name, add-free webspace or the full control over your website. Several of the paid hosting companies’ offer easy site building and it is available cheaply for as low as $2 pr month or even less.

If you use the non-free site hosting, then you will be able to use your domain name, can use professional email address, can install the different scripts on the site and many more things can be done. Than the sound, it is very much easy to do.

The foremost thing is to purchase your own domain name when you want to own a website. On the internet, there are different registrars. Some of them would recommend some companies but however in the Google search for the domain registration would give lots of options. If you have purchased the first domain then you will have to purchase the website hosting as well. Do check out for the web hosting companies that will provide you reasonable rates with great service. Once you have purchased the web hosting, then you will get the information from the web hosting company that will have your new nameservers. By yourself you will be able to set up your own nameservers by just logging in to your domain account and however it may be pretty easier to call the web hosting company that you have purchased the domain name from and can ask them to modify the nameservers for you.

At once you have set up your domain’s nameservers and then the rest of the work is pretty easy. Go to the control panel in your website and then login into the editor which you would want and then start building the website without HTML. Later publish it into your voila and directory as well. Now you ill have your own domain name and very own website with full control over it.


HTML comparison tools will make the changes in the web designs visible

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Being a web designer, the job is just not easy when you are creating or else you are coming up with the fresh page design, here what is there with the fancy background images and all the things that are flashing and are moving around. The HTML codes are the ones that are the delicate matters to deal with and it is too tough to handle them when revising. The HTML comparison tool is one of the great partners for the web designers who will not stop changing and also trying out some new things each time with the help of their source codes.

With the help of simple manipulation on the popular profile or else on the home page just like tagged, blogger, friendster and much more, even the ordinary users are learning on how the HTML source codes will work. At times, we do forget lots of things that we would have don while we’re working on something else and especially when we’re too much committed with the goal to achieve something new or else to change the old designs. As per the fact that all of will make changes in codes and later realize that we want the code back that we have altered so in order to achieve this task, a comparison tool will make the task easier. Honestly, the HTML codes are not so easy to revise because if you miss out one detail, then your page will crash and then it could be difficult to retrieve it back.

You will not have to fear if you do have the HTML comparison tool in order to compare the source codes. Currently in the market there are many brands or types of HTML comparison tools that are made for the Windows 2000, NP, XP and even Vista as well. By using the tool you will be able to analyze the alterations between the two HTML files and that to especially the revisions. All these type of files will be uploaded directly from the hard drive or else can be directly generated from the Internet. This tool will specifically tell you about the variation of source code of the particular program, the entire content of the text and also the visual aspects of web pages as well. The HTML comparison tool will enable you to view the entire disparity and even in the individual characters via one window view or by a side by side as well.

Basically the programmers will look out for the modifications that will be made in HTML source codes in the page that will usually be offered by several HTML tools for the sake of comparison. There are certain HTML tools that can be used for only one purpose but there are others as well that will cater to various requirements by various professionals.

By using the HTML comparison tool, the programmers will be able to see the results that are compared.


Database driven CMS websites versus HTML

The era of the HTML websites are gone where the ages are very much needed to do the corrections or change the simple static websites that are HTML based. In those days, it used to tale too much of time to create and add the single HTML page and the data and file weren’t centralized. For the person who is non-technical would always depend upon the developers, programmers or the HTML experts and had pay for them for even the small changes that had be made on the websites. This also would hinder the website’s performance totally into the search engines where a person has to look after and also have to follow the search engine’s guidelines to make the page of HTML search engine friendlier enough and also delivering the high performance in the SERPs.

enough and also delivering the high performance in the SERPs.
Currently, every where it is the age of high end Web applications and it is the websites that are based on CMS, database driven dynamic websites and here a change in the single file would help the entire pages of a particular website. It is the time when nine out of ten people are having the website with acute know how of the technologies that are used. It is the time where each and every business requires the website for their promotion either the business is small or big or it is IT based or not. In this era of internet, you will not be able to sustain your business without having the presence online. In the case of small and medium businesses that will be handled only by few number of people who will be taking care of the entire activities of business and will not have the time to have look on their website, here how can the person be able to imagine that they will be able to manage the time upto date daily by adding the things to the website and also adding some basic search engine friendliness to their websites.

Here the era is of Graphic User Interface (GUI) based back and the websites are managed where you will be able to change the things through out the entire website by just changing a single file. Here you will not need to go through each and every file as your website in order to make a single change and also you will not need to know the technology related things. Here you have to log into the GUI basis back end and immediately you will be able to start playing with your website with the WYSWYG editor that is very much user friendly. You have the option to change the setting and upload by following just 2 steps, just browse the image that you want and upload it to your website. Now everything seems to be pretty simple to manage the things in the website and can be updated whenever want to. There are some options where you can insert the SEO text as well in the website that will help to get good ranking in the search engine results and will be friendlier for the visitors to visit your website.


Creating a Design Brief along with the Design Contract

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A design brief is nothing but a written document that is used to describe all the features and scope of the project’s design. This documents is jointly developed by the client and the by the Web designer.

This is not particularly intended to be to be the entire description of the actual designs. It just briefs the goals and objectives of the work that has to be done and they are also designed in such a way that it includes the terms and conditions of the work.

What is the need of Design Brief?
For any process of large designs, design briefs must be part of the work’s planning stage. They are pretty useful for both the client and for the designer as they provide the roadmap for the goals that has to be achieved.

Where to start the building of this design brief?
You as a Freelance Web designer, you will be the instigator for any design brief. While the project client will have the better idea on what he/she will require from their website just beyond making money or else to get more page views. So it is entirely upto the client on project planning and client interviews.

What should be mentioned in a design brief?
Mostly, the design briefs has to include the objective and goals that has to be achieved and also the deadlines or contractual or billing issues. So you have to include some of the things such as:

Site’s goals and objectives
Site’s overview
Entire description of the objectives and goals of the site
If there is a redesign, you have to have the description of the objectives and goals of the project.

Site Audience
The typical description of the audiences that they are trying to attract towards them

Where the site will be used?
At home with slow connection or high connection
In the office
On PDA’s or on the cell phones
Over a kiosk
Scope of the project
Type of technology that will be required for the project:
Redesign or full site build
HTML development
Ajax development or JavaScript
CSS development
ColdFusion, PHP or ASP
In which language the CGIs are written?
Ecommerce storefront
Content type of both the designer and the client
Graphics: logos, animation, icons, photos and illustrations
Localization of above mentioned
Design aspects
Creative design
Conceptual design

Details of the contract
It has to include the project’s details and also include:
Pricing: be specific or general for the need that will be required by the client and make sure the client understands for what he is paying for
Schedule: include the dates of content due and approval dates. Also you have to include the deadline dates as well.
Billing: the date for the invoices and also when the late fees will be assessed.
Copyright: who will own the entire copyright of any design, content etc?


Important List of Smart goals for Websites

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Even websites need goals
When you build a website, it will be very much tempting on how to design the site, to create the layout for the site, build the CSS and HTML and ignore it or else to let some others in order to manage the maintenance. If you go with the maintenance, you will be getting more power.

Smart goals for your website
Smart goals are the ones that are Time-bound, Realistic Specific, Achievable and Measurable.

Some of the specific goals are
Ask yourself:
Who? When? What? Where? Why? How?
A specific goal will definitely answer all of your questions

Goals that are measurable
If you are able to measure the results, you will be able to measure the goals.
Ask yourself:
How many? How much to be achieved? How will I know when will I achieved the goal?

Goals that are achievable
You have to create the goals that can be accomplished by you. A goal will be definitely achievable if you know something that you can do. Perhaps it will be done before or else if you have the right training to do it, you will do it.
You have to ask some questions to yourself, like
Is this the one that I have to commit to?
Can I believe that I can accomplish this?
How much time will this goal rewire to be achieved?

Goals that are realistic
Goals that are realistic need not be easy. One of the ways to make the goal realistic, you have to the time frame. Do not make you site’s goals to easier. If you cannot do the tasks according to your sub-conscience, you will not be able to achieve even a simple task. If you set up a hard goal, once you complete that goal, you will feel more accomplished.
Do ask yourself these questions:
Can this goal is achievable?
Is this time right to achieve this goal?
Is the goal that has to be achieved is easy or too hard?

Goals that are time bound
In order to work on a goal, you need to have time limits. If you do not have the time limit, then all the work will go on lately without much success. So if you have the time limit, you will have something to do. So do put up some deadlines so that you will always be one the competitive side and thus will enable you to accomplish any task given to you.
So do ask these questions yourself:
When and why this goal has to be completed?
Is there any other project that rely on this goal and when this has to be completed?
How much time has to be used to achieve this goal?

Do write your site’s goals
If you write down the goals, it helps you to patch up your mind and conscious. So if you have the goals written, it helps to achieve that particular goal. Do check out the goals periodically. Do check whether you need to revaluate them or not. So go on with your goals.


Creating the Web Design Portfolio without Job Experience

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Nobody will get the job if it requires the experience in that field. This is called as catch-22 in most of the industries. Luckily, you need not have any job experience to create the web design portfolio and here you can create your own experience by doing the projects. If you use the projects that you have done, that can itself translate into the paying jobs so that it means into more of the portfolio jobs. So, if you are starting out as a freelancer, you need not say that you do not have any portfolio, instead making use of the suggestions mentioned below; you can create your own portfolio.

Your own Website
So if you have decided to get in to the profession of Web designing, then you need to have a website of your own. This is done because till didn’t have any job that were paying you, so by creating a website, you will not have the problems that are faced by the experienced web designers. When you are spending your time on creating and improving the website, here you are not only improving your business but also you are improving your portfolio as well.

Do remember that you website doesn’t have to be a portfolio piece. Just think of different things that you have built for your website and here make each design a portfolio piece. Do include the details like
Home page, the custom 404 pages, the Contact forms, any of the CMS templates you have built and even the entire portfolio page.

Personal Web Projects
Do build your personal websites. The sites should be very much attractive and this site may be the site for your pet or etc. by seeing the site, you may get the paying web design works where you can earn decent income for you.

Do take the online tutorial or a class
There is no conditions or riles against using your class work as the part of your portfolio. By taking the class, you will learn on how to do or create something new and will help you to improve your portfolio as you will be growing.

Create Pages on you website for some of the Imaginary Clients
Things such as a page to sell the products or the annual report page can be put up on your website. As long as you are able to tell your clients that these are all the samples and are not the live designs, there is nothing wrong in showcasing your skills and will thus improve your portfolio.

Modify Templates in your web design
There are several free web templates that are available that are useful for building the WebPages. Without modifying these templates would not be very good for your portfolio.

The portfolio that you choose should be the best of all
Remember that, you’re creating the portfolio is to showcase your best output. So do not add something that you have created in order to increase the size of your portfolio. So do choose the best portfolio as much as you can.